Willie's Remedy Loose Leaf Teas
Willie's Remedy Loose Leaf Teas
Willie's Remedy Loose Leaf Teas
Willie's Remedy Loose Leaf Teas
Willie's Remedy Loose Leaf Teas
Willie's Remedy Loose Leaf Teas

Willie's Remedy Loose Leaf Teas

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Willie’s Remedy Teas combine the benefits of cannabis with other plants. Tea and other herbs and flowers are infused with full spectrum hemp oil in an all-natural process that preserves the beneficial qualities of each. The result is a balancing effect of tea’s natural lift, a perfect harmony of focus from the caffeine plus calm from the cannabis.

Black/Breakfast Tea 3 oz Tin, 300 mg

Willie’s Remedy black tea is a blend of teas from some of the finest tea growing regions in the world. Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka is woody and fruity with delicate notes of molasses and pepper. The blend with Indian Assam tea leaves introduces a malty and spicy flavor to this well balanced classic English style breakfast tea blend.

Ingredients: Assam tea, Ceylon tea, full-spectrum hemp extract

Flavor Notes: Malt, aromatic, crisp, notes of almond

Green Tea 3 oz Tin, 300 mg

Chinese tea leaves are sourced from only the youngest tea trees producing the freshest and most vibrant green teas. The leaves are curled to preserve flavor and aroma, when brewed it produces a delicate cup with aromas of fresh cut grass and green wood. The flavor is herbaceous with notes of green pepper and citrus.

Ingredients: Chinese green tea from the Zhejiang province, full-spectrum hemp extract

Flavor Notes: Subtle, savory, delicate

Hibiscus Tea 3 oz Tin, 300 mg

This completely caffeine free herbal tea is delicious hot or cold. The floral notes of hibiscus petals and rose hips blend delicately into the tart and sweet flavors of cranberries, raspberries, elderberries, black currants, and bilberries. The earthy tones of red rooibos bring balance to this bright, bold, and beautiful tea.

Ingredients: Rose hips, hibiscus flowers, cranberries, blueberries, bilberries, blackberries, currants, rooibos, full-spectrum hemp extract.

Chamomile Tea 1.5 oz Tin, 150 mg

The delicate, daisy-like whole flowers of chamomile are loaded with antioxidants and impart a sweet, floral flavor. This caffeine-free herbal tea produces a calming, golden brew best served hot.

Ingredients: Whole chamomile flowers, full-spectrum hemp extract. Caffeine free.

Peppermint Tea 1.5 oz Tin, 150 mg

Pure peppermint leaves are freshly dried to preserve the natural cooling flavor and refreshing effect. It’s a caffeine-free herbal option that brews to a clear green color, equally delightful served hot or on ice.

Ingredients: Peppermint, Full spectrum hemp extract.

Infusion Strength: Teas are infused at a ratio of ~2 mg of hemp extract per 1 g of tea leaves, for ~ 10 mg per cup

Dosage and Brewing: The amount of tea leaves used in the brewing process will greatly affect the average dose of hemp extract in a serving of Willie’s Remedy tea. An average serving will have 10 mg per cup. Willie’s Remedy teas can be served hot or iced.