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Infinite CBD

Infinite CBD Freezing Point Salve

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Moisturize skin and experience deep-rooted benefits topically.

Apply soothing Freezing Point CBD Salve to the areas that need it most. If chilled, this CBD salve stick can also be applied with pressure to help work out problem areas while nourishing the skin.

Sizes Available:

• 500mg CBD (Stick 2.5oz / 74mL)

• 1,000mg CBD (Jar/Tin 4oz / 118mL)

• Made from Hemp – Grown and Refined in Colorado
• Natural Ingredients

How do I use it?:

Tin: Work desired amount Freezing Point Salve between your fingers then apply topically to an area.

Stick: A Freezing Point Stick offers easy and convenient application of the salve.

Key Ingredients:

Peppermint Oil: Known as a natural muscle relaxant. When applied topically, reduce sore, achy muscles and tension headaches.

Eucalyptus Oil: Application of eucalyptus oil to the skin helps with relieving pain and stress.

Camphor: Stimulate nerves and relieves pain. Camphor oil works to reduce inflammation and pain symptoms.

Menthol: Minor aches and pains are commonly treated with menthol. *Avoid your eyes!

Beeswax: Studies demonstrate application of beeswax works to reduce swelling while decreasing pain and inflammation.